No Win No Fee

Personal injury compensation claims in the USA are not funded in the same way as personal injury cases in England.


In England, if you win your case, your solicitor will be able to obtain most (and in some cases all) of your legal fees from the other party. This is because of the English law principle that the loser pays the winner’s reasonable legal costs.


In America the system is different. Apart from in some special situations you will not be able to recover your legal fees and expenses from the other party if you win. Instead, you will need to pay your lawyers out of your damages. This is called a “contingency fee”.  If you lose, you will not pay anything.


Contingency fees are normally between 35% and 40% of the compensation. The exact percentage varies between States and also, sometimes, between American attorneys within a State (although for the most part American attorneys tend to charge the same percentage).   If we represent you we will share the contingency fee with the American Attorney on your case. There is no additional fee to instructing our firm and our involvement will not increase the overall amount of legal fees that are deducted from your compensation.


An illustration of the difference between England and America for a comparable type of injury is set out below.



Accident in England


Settlement amount: £150,000

Expenses: £5,000

Legal fees: £30,000 (calculated based on an hourly rate and paid by the Defendant)



Client receives £150,000


Accident in America


Settlement amount: $1,000,000

Expenses: $5,000

Legal fees: $348,250 (35% of the settlement, after deducting expenses)



Client receives:  $646,750


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