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Accidents in USA

Types of cases where we can help


Have you had an accident in USA?

Were you injured whilst working in the USA or for an American company?

If you have been injured in America we may be able to help you bring a claim for compensation under American law.

We are a team of specialist personal injury and medical negligence solicitors in England who are also qualified New York lawyers. We have expertise and experience in helping English people bring claims for compensation in the USA.

Our track record of bringing personal injury claims in USA and compensation claims in America

We have successfully acted for many English people injured in the USA who have been awarded American level personal injury compensation awards. In some cases, a personal injury claim in America may result in compensation many times higher than for the same injury in England.

American personal injury claims are usually brought in the American State where the accident happened and under the law of that State. So, for example, if you were injured whilst on holiday in New York, we would bring a claim for compensation in New York under New York personal injury law. If you were injured whilst on holiday at Disney World in Florida, we would bring the American personal injury claim in Florida under Florida law.

How we help our clients to bring compensation claims in the USA

When we bring a claim in America, we work as a team with specialist American personal injury lawyers in the State where the accident happened. We have particular experience in bringing personal injury claims in New York, California, Florida. However, we are able to work with American lawyers in any State in the USA. If you have been injured anywhere in the USA we can help.

We are normally only able to help where you have suffered a serious injury and where the person you are suing in the USA is insured. Where we believe you might have a good case we will discuss it with one of the many lawyers in America we work with on personal injury cases.

Accident claim in USA - Personal injury law in the USA varies from State to State and the amount of compensation you are likely to be awarded can be very different depending on the State where the injury took place.

Each State in the USA has a different time limit for bringing a personal injury claim. There are also different time limitation rules depending on who caused the accident. It is therefore important that you contact us as soon as possible after the injury in the USA occurred so that you do not miss out on compensation because you missed the time limit for bringing the claim.

The types of cases we can help with include: injured in a car accident in America, injured following a trip and fall, injured as a result of negligent medical treatment, injured because of dangerous or faulty equipment, injured on a boat or airplane, and injured whilst participating in leisure activities. We also represent English people who are injured whilst working for an American employer.


What will it cost?

Most American personal injury cases are brought on a “no win no fee” basis.

Under this arrangement for funding your claim for compensation in the USA, if you lose you will not pay anything. If you win, we will be paid a percentage of your winnings.

Contact us

If you think you might be entitled to compensation in the USA for a personal injury please telephone our office on 020 8541 1181020 8541 1181 or email to find out more.



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